What is Theresa Gray?



(Not exactly new because I have thought of this before but it’s starting to make a lot more sense in my head so I’ll share it with my fellow fandom)

Tessa Gray is the offspring of a Shadowhunter (Her Mother) and a Demon (Changling maybe? Disguise itself as someone else?).

Now let me enlighten you as to how this could be possible. I’m taking it that most of you wil have read CP by this point, so then hopefully you know all about Mortmain and his past. His parents the Warlock couple were experimenting on bringing inanimate objects/non-living things to life. And they succeeded, they brought the automans to life. Mortmain carried on this after his parents were dead, because they never got a chance to finish what they started since the shadowhunters killed them.

Mortmain tells Tessa that she was ‘made’ and that he could summon up her Father on the spot. That fits in with the demon side of things. Now also in CP Tessa asks Will about Demons and Shadowhunters and he says the offspring of them is always a still-born (means the child is born dead). 

But then if Mortmain is able to bring non-living things to life through black magic, whose to say he didn’t find a way to bring Tessa to life if she was born dead? The book of white is even said to have such spells within its pages which is why it is guarded. It would also make sense because of what Mortmain says to Will in CA when they think Tessa is dead, “Planning for years wasted” —his parents had obviously started it and then Mortmain had grown up and found Tessa’s mother along the way while inviting Tessa’s non-father, a mundane to the pandemonium club. 

Elizabeth (Tessa’s Mother) is supposed to have never known she was a shadowhunter, so I guess her family must have left the clave and she grew up thinking she was a mundane. But somehow obviously Mortmain realised she was of shadowhunter blood, but she wasn’t on clave records so using her for his experiment would be easy. 

Thus, Tessa Gray is born and had the gift of bring able to transform using the shapes of people through their imprint on objects (makes sense if the demon were a Changling then, to pass on the ability) but she is not marked in any demon form as she has shadowhunter blood running through her system; which is dominant. The Clave have no name for her kind because she is the first offspring of Shadowhunter/Demon to ever be brought to life. 

At least; that’s my take on it ;)



I have no idea if anyone has thought of this theory but I haven’t seen it anywhere, so I am going to assume they haven’t and write it out regardless. My mom is reading Clockwork Prince right now and she called me tonight and brought this to my attention. Let me know what you think, haha :)

The idea is that Tessa’s mother was born a shadowhunter—Aloysius Starkweather’s granddaughter to be precise—and was swapped at birth with a faerie changling who was sick. Tessa’s mother was then raised in the fae world and the faerie girl who was presumed to be the Starkweather died young. 


-Will and Tessa see the painting of Adele Starkweather, and her description “Her face was thin and pale and sickly, but her eyes were bright—the only bright thing in this dark place, Tessa had thought.”

-When Adele got her runes when she was ten years old, something went wrong and she ended up going insane and dying. It makes sense if there was iron in the stele and when they used it on her it killed her because she was a faerie and that is one of their weaknesses.

-When Starkweather saw Tessa for the first time, he reacted almost like he recognized her. Later Hyacinth says “You must be Tessa Gray…You look just like your mother”, so it would make sense if he was taken aback by seeing Tessa if he knew her mother or someone who looked like her mother (i.e. his daughter, who if this were true would be Tessa’s grandmother). He was going to just dismiss Will and Jem but when he saw Tessa he decided to let them stay and to help them. I’m guessing he knows about the swap since they probably figured it out when Adele was dying or after she died. That’s why he was so shocked to see Tessa and why he was curious enough about her to let them in.

-Hyacinth: “Sometimes when our faerie blood has grown weak and thin, we will find our way into a human home, and take the best, the prettiest, and the plumpest child—and, quick as a wink, replace the babe with a sickly one of our own. While the human child grows tall and strong in our lands, the human family will find itself burdened with a dying creature fearful of cold iron. Our bloodline is strengthened—” Why would she bring this up to Tessa if not to hint at something. Obviously Tessa thought she was hinting that Tessa could be a changling, but Tessa didn’t really think too hard on the fact that Hyacinth knew her mother. They probably grew up together.

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